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Using this system
will generate high levels
of traffic to your website!

With the power of hit multiplication, you can promote your site and receive thousands of hits in return. This system is fast, easy and free to join.

Promote your new site to ten people and receive up to 100,000 unique visitors

Promote your new site to 25 people and receive up to 5,000,000 unique visitors

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Step 1

Visit each of the following websites.

When you click each of the site links below, a new window will open with the advertiser's website and display a unique four-digit code. Enter these codes into the associated fields.






Step 2

Once you have entered the codes above, you can add your site. You will be given a website like this one to promote, with your site in the position #1. When anyone joins through your new Program Hoppers website referral link, they will receive a site with their ad in the position #1 and your site will then be listed in the second position on their website.

The process continues as your site moves down the list and becomes promoted by hundreds of other users. Hits multiply to your site as anyone signing up after you will be required to visit your site. From the members area, you will be able to track hits to your website and see how many sites your ad is appearing on.

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